Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Long Island Stuttering Connection-facebook

Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing and joyous holiday season. If you are an adult who stutters interested in practicing fluency tools, or a parent of a teen interested or a parent interested in a support group for parents of children who stutter. please join my facebook page, Long Island Stuttering Connection. Also, if you use a device, such as the speech easy or fluency master please join us as well. You are all welcome. This is expanding and please look for meetings and support and practice groups in 2010. Good things are happening on LI for the stuttering community. Thank you to the Stuttering Foundation of America and National Stuttering Association for showing me how important education and support is. As a result of these two wonderful organizations, I am able to go forward with my dream of providing safe meetings for adults and teens to practice fluency tools. I can offer you all visual examples of how to use easy onsets, full breaths, continuous phonaton and empowerment exercises. We can encourage each other and realize the freedom of fluency in a safe environment. (If you stutter, it is ok, it will give us all an opportunity to learn from eachother). I am also hoping to provide everyone with manuals and practice Cd's. This will take financing so I am looking into non-profit status.
I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. To all my clients reading this thank you for allowing me the honor of working with you. To the parents, thank you for trusting me with your children. As 2009 comes to an end, I want to say stuttering is something we do NOT who we are. Believe in yourself and reward yourself for small accomplishments. Be good to yourself. Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you.

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