Thursday, January 22, 2009

A success story of a 15 year old teen who stutters

Tonight I received a wonderful message from a mom of a 15 year old who stutters. Her son has been working hard at his fluency both in therapy and outside of the therapy room. He is a bright boy who communicates well whether he stutters or not. Of course, like all of us, he would prefer not to. He doesn't let stuttering stand in his way. Today he decided to join the radio station which means he will speak on the air. His mother was so proud of him and so was I!!! To all the teens out there, remember how important your message is. Keep working hard at your speech goals! It is paying off! Have a good night!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Groups now forming for school aged and teens

Groups are now forming for school aged kids and teens who stutter. Please contact me ASAP. Also, this is a long shot, but it is worth mentioning for school aged children. Sometimes, but rarely, if a school SLP recommends a fluency specialist, you can request outside services through the CSE. I know this happens in Queens as I am a direct provider for Queens as well. I would be happy to servie your child. I am conveniently located off the LIE. Please contact or My number is 516-776-0184.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fluency workshop Feb 8 2009 for Adults who stutter and older teens

Hi All-
I want to wish everyone a late happy New Year!! Please keep Feb. 8 2009 in mind if you are an adult who stutters. ($50) 2 to 5 in Plainview. An introduction to Fluency Shaping and a mini refresher for adults who stutter and older teens. It will be great to learn basics of fluency shaping and meet others who stutter. I am now offering group therapy for school aged children and teens. I find not only is it cost effective, but increases chances for practice and socialization. Intensives continue to be offered for adults also in groups when feasible. Parents of children ages 3 to 5, remember to have your child evaluated through the schools to possibly have the cost of therapy covered for fluency, prompt, articulation and language.

I know many people are feeling the stress of the economy which can also affect fluency and communication. I find it helpful to take full, comfortable breaths and pause often. Also, try and practice with others who stutter. I talked to a fellow NSA member tonight and it really helped my fluency-thanks Steven! Have a good night and please e-mail me at 516-776-0184 if you are interested in the workshop. Stay warm my friends.