Monday, November 16, 2009

To the parent of a child who stutters-

How difficult is it to watch your child struggle? It is tough. However, I have found over the many years of working with people who stutter, if you really sit back and listen to the content of what people say, you almost forget about the stuttering. Isn't it interesting that once a child feels more comfortable speaking, his or her fluency usually increases as does his or her ability to use their tools? What can parents do?

1. Let their child know they are accepted no matter what they say.
2. Establish eye contact.
3. Realize the best gift you can give your child is unconditional acceptance and love.
4. Remember all the wonderful qualities your child has.
5. Give them speech therapy.
6. Be patient with progress.
7. Surround your child with others who stutter so they don't feel alone.
8. Help them practice.
9. Hug them daily.
10.Praise them often.

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