Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stuttering Therapy on Long Island and Glee

Just curious what everyone thought of the glee episode where the girl pretended to stutter because she was shy and didn't want to make a speech in school? I would have preferred the show didn't use stuttering in this situation. I don't think it provided the public with stuttering education and knowledge. I welcome your opinions.

Also, there is a teen practice group next week. Hope all can attend. I am going to share a wonderful story of a teen who stutters entering college soon. A wonderful, inspiring story.

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Pam said...

I watched that first episode of Glee, after not having watched any of them at all for the start of the season. I found that I actually liked the show, and had no idea which character was the one who stutters. The story line was so great, everybody standing up (or sitting down) for the kid in a wheelchair.
So I was actually disappointed when it came out at end that she had faked it. It came as quite a shock, and I too wished that stuttering had not been used in that manner.