Sunday, November 22, 2009

Six year old student who stutters on LI-Lidcombe program

I started treating a six year old boy several months ago for speech therapy. He stutters and had tried other therapies since age 3 with little success. Interestingly, his mother had been told that once her son reached age 6, the emotional impact of stuttering would begin. Her question was, Is the age of 6 too late to improve fluency and reduce the negative impact? My answer was absolutely not. We have done a modified Lidcombe Program and this child is doing beautifully. He responds to positive praise and his fluency has increased as well as his ability to establsh eye contact. He is starting to self correct and is speaking with increased confidence. His mom loves the parent involvement piece and emphasis on learning in a fun way. Has anyone else had success with a Lidcombe approach at the age of 6? I highly recommend it and am glad the mom pursued it.

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