Friday, June 5, 2009

Does acceptance mean not striving for fluency enhancement?

Hi everyone-
I have come to realize that acceptance means different things to different people. To me,it means accepting that I might always stutter but practicing and never giving up my quest to improve. Why? because I like being as fluent as I can be. It is what I teach my clients (the more intensive the better-I will be offering more intensive courses so please inquire-for those of you who don't know I took the same course as John Stossel and Annie Glenn ). Also, an added tidbit-Annie Glenn went for years of speech therapy following her 3 week course in Virginia as did I. I follow a similar fluency shaping philosophy with a little attitude kicked in. I am hoping to be able to offer a group intensive in the future. I just need teens or adults who will commit. Anyway, I know others choose to stutter openly and accept in that way. My only concern is that the constant pushing of words out can be exhausting and with slight modifications this can be worked on. Thanks for reading and all questions or comments welcome. Have a good night! Also, thank you to all the parents, teens and grad students who attended our first annual TWST (Teens who stutter) support group meeting of the National Stuttering Association. We welcome all new members. It was a terrific group and I was honored to be a part of it. I want to also thank my co-leader Dr. Jason Davidow of Hofstra University and my adult co-leader Steven Kaufman for all their support and for reminding all of us that stuttering does not have to stop you from saying what you want!!!


Pam said...

Hi Lori,

I am one of those that you speak of. I accept that I stutter, and really do not strive for fluency. I find it too exhausting to focus on full breath, gentle onset and movement while also focusing on speaking and connecting with my listener. I find that accepting myself for who I am is really all that matters for me,and who I am includes tons of things, stuttering being one of them.
I was exhausted trying to be covert and keeping everything hidden. Being authentic with my stuttering, in my book, is much prefered. So glad to hear that the
TWST group went well. THose teens need support and to know they are not alone. Thanks for all you do.

Lori Melnitsky said...

Hi Pam-
Thanks for reading and commenting. As a speech pathologist it is important for me to hear from the stuttering community. As a person who stutters, I hear you loud and clear. However, I still think there are other options that don't require thinking about full breath and easy onset all the time. For ex: light contacts, pullouts etc. Of course all these take practice and I can understand why being covert would make this more difficult. Tks for following my blog. Lori

Pam said...

I am not really sure what a pull-out is. Isn't that more part of stuttering modification than fluency shaping? nd isn't light contact the same as easy onset?
I believe the reason I had such a hard time with fluency targets was I was very resistant. I was finally not hiding stuttering, and to do targets seemed to me to just be another way to stay covert.

Lori Melnitsky said...

I can understand that a strict fluency shaping program would encourage you to be convert. Every person who stutters needs a different type of therapy. Covert PWS need to come out first before they decide whether they want to stutter easier or strive for more fluency. I feel you have to get over the fear, shame and avoidance before you learn the tools. Tks for sharing this. Lori

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori, Im glad I came across your blog.
I think acceptance is a big key in a stuttering persons life.Just like you said acceptance means different things to different people, but there is one common denominator among stutterers, which is you must accept your stuttering eventually.
I accept my stutter and dont really strive for fluency,I still have my techniques I use that work and get me by but as far as going to a program I wouldnt do it.

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