Friday, February 13, 2009

The Speech Easy

I recently have gotten several calls inquiring about the speech easy device by Janus. I know two people who had it following intensive speech therapy. One was a doctor and considered it a tool in his box, so to speak. The other was a psychologist who wore it consistently for two years and then weaned himself off it after practicing every day. Many people have told me they can't wear it because of the buzz in their ear. My fear as a person who stutters is that many people are buying it and assuming it is a miracle cure. It is not and please don't be fooled by the reports from Oprah. I have never tried it because I don't stutter severely anymore and honestly it is very expensive!! I also think I can achieve the same results with you by slowing down your speech in therapy to a rate where you can't possibly stutter. Of course, this is something you can't wear but can record on the Apple I touch or Apple I phone, from what the teenagers have told me.

Even if you purchase it, therapy is needed along with it. I would be happy to work with anyone who has it. Just please be careful when purchasing it that it is something you are planning to consistently wear. I would not recommend it for kids. I know one family of an 8 year old who tried it for a month. Their son wouldn't wear it and luckily they could bring it back. He is doing beautifully in fluency therapy now. It is very expensive so please think and research its effectiveness before buying it. I would be happy to help you with this. Also, please remember that I offer student discounts for intensive therapy. Thanks for reading this! Have a good day! Hopefully my website will be back and running today after it is uopdated.

Remember, there is help out to improve fluency. Stuttering can be menaged and your communication skills can be improved. I did this and so can you!! Don't wait to get help!!

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Alexander Biel said...

Hi Lori,

I completely agree with your suggestion that professional guidance in terms of proper use is needed for wearers of a DAF device like SpeechEasy. Particularly if it is being used in conjunction with a fluency-shaping type therapy or primarily for achieving slow speech rate target, but even if the user relies on carry-over fluency effect alone. Also, I wanted to mention my company's software for Windows PCs, available for download at our website
It implements the same altered auditory feedback technology as most popular stuttering therapy devices, including SpeechEasy, and is a great way, for those considering acquiring such as device, to evaluate whether this type of technology is useful for their particular condition.

I'm curious, do you use a DAF device in your practice?