Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fluency workshop Feb 8 2009 for Adults who stutter and older teens

Hi All-
I want to wish everyone a late happy New Year!! Please keep Feb. 8 2009 in mind if you are an adult who stutters. ($50) 2 to 5 in Plainview. An introduction to Fluency Shaping and a mini refresher for adults who stutter and older teens. It will be great to learn basics of fluency shaping and meet others who stutter. I am now offering group therapy for school aged children and teens. I find not only is it cost effective, but increases chances for practice and socialization. Intensives continue to be offered for adults also in groups when feasible. Parents of children ages 3 to 5, remember to have your child evaluated through the schools to possibly have the cost of therapy covered for fluency, prompt, articulation and language.

I know many people are feeling the stress of the economy which can also affect fluency and communication. I find it helpful to take full, comfortable breaths and pause often. Also, try and practice with others who stutter. I talked to a fellow NSA member tonight and it really helped my fluency-thanks Steven! Have a good night and please e-mail me at 516-776-0184 if you are interested in the workshop. Stay warm my friends.

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