Monday, October 5, 2009

Love Happens-A movie with Jennifer Anniston

Last night my husband and I saw "Love Happens". It is about a man whose wife dies in a car crash with him at the wheel. He then writes a book about how to deal with death. The only problem is that he doesn't follow his own advice. He doesn't deal with his own loss. I won't spoil the ending and tell you what happens.

What I love about what I do (not to toot my own horn) is that I practice what I preach. I have gone down the path and in some ways my first client was my self.

I feel I can only be at my best when a child who stutters sits in front of me with the sadness in his eyes that only a person who stutters knows. A voice reaching from within to get out. Frustration at not being able to say what they want.

Again it is so important to build self esteem, practice in baby steps at the same time constantly encouraging responsibility, honestly and pride. It was interesting how the man in the movie really seem to care about others, but the denial was burning him up inside. Only when he learned to be honest with his feelings did he start to heal. The same with stuttering. Although fluency tools are encouraged, you also need the ability to face your fears and conquer the obstacles. Then and only then you will lead to recovery.

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