Friday, May 29, 2009

Stuttering Education

Spreading stuttering awareness throughout the schools!! I went into Mattlin Middle School in Plainview, NY to promote National Stuttering Awareness Week (which was May 11 to May 17). I talked about the importance of early intervention for preschoolers who stutter, school aged stuttering and the importance of following your dreams in life. I spoke to 50 bright and wonderful children and their teachers. A few of them knew people who stutter. I never talked in this middle school. My daughter attends Mattlin and I graduated from the same school district. I never thought I would be so fluent or comfortable talking in front of a crowd. I never ever raised my hand in class or participated when I was younger. I sat with my head down and prayed no one would notice me. I am happy to say this was a very positive experience!! I have to thank the National Stuttering Association for helping me for overcoming my fear of public speaking.

So kids, always follow your heart and dreams. I overcame a severe stuttering problem to be a speech pathologist. I still stutter but use fluency shaping tools and stuttering education to be as fluent as I can be. I want to also thank my daughters who encouraged me to do this and for supporting me. They make me proud and give me strength. I also want to thank my daughter's teachers who realized the importance of stuttering awareness and promoting tolerance. I would like to continue this at local schools and universities!! Hope to hear from everyone soon!

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