Sunday, September 27, 2009

The hardest thing about being a parent is.............

The hardest thing about being a parent is letting your children find their own way. I wrote a previous post on an interesting stuttering situation with a teen. My 15 year old daughter, who does not stutter, has been working so hard in school. She is a bright girl and I am proud of her, but as a mother can't help worrying about her lack of sleep and constant studying. I know many parents reading this are laughing saying how can you worry about a child studying too much??? I guess I don't want to see her stressed out at a young age. I know she will do well but want her to enjoy the social parts of life too. So I have had to back off and let her be. Not easy. It is the same when you provide speech therapy for your child and you think they aren't trying hard to be fluent. Sometimes you have to back off and let them find their way. Start by asking them what they want out of speech therapy? How does stuttering impact them? How do THEY feel when they have practiced for hours and the tools don't seem to be effective? Maybe reflect, oh that must be so frustrating for you. How can I help? Do you want to write this down and talk to your speech therapist about this? Then once you do this you can talk about how to improve the situation. I don't know all the answers about parenting, but I know PWS need encouragement, follow up, understanding, practice and support.

*****Also, there is an interesting blog post on Sept. 24 by Pam Mertz, a covert PWS. Check it out.

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Pam said...


Thanks for the shout out for my blog. I can also relate to your words about being a parent. I am not, but have worked with parents as a co-leader of a parent support group of kids who stutter.
Everyone wants the best for their kids, and sometimes it is so hard.