Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lost in Silence

Recently I was asked how I got over avoiding the phone and other fears that I had. It is so hard to answer that because it was a combination of things. People have asked if I provide therapy that deals with this management of fears. Yes, of course I do. I have lived this life. I was so lost in silence for years and felt like I was failing myself. I stopped complaining about practicing and just did it. I made myself answer the phone, speak in meetings and talk to doctors. I stopped filling my gas tank up and starting saying "fill it up" (as long it wasn't more money for full serve). In other words, I mattered and I didn't want to be lost in silence anymore. Was it easy? NO!! Did it happen overnight? NO!!! It was pure torture and many times I wanted to run away. However, I am here to tell you it got easier and it will for you too. It's important to know others who stutter. I have known my friend Lisa for almost 30 years. She stutters also and she has been my rock!! She has always inspired me and we have always been able to call each other if we have a bad day or to practice.

I would love to hear from all of you regarding your fears and stuttering.

Also, I have availability for two teens to work on fluency management together. I find this is cost effective and helps with practice. As most of you know, I am trying hard to reach out to the younger population. Please e-mail if interested.

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